Double sixpence necklace


Double coin sixpence necklace, I’ve been making these best selling necklaces for the past 15 years, they are a classic of mine.

Made from two silver sixpence's which have been cast from a coin from the year of mint 1927 the year that King George V was on the throne.

Cast from a sixpence in sterling silver ,I've used this process as real silver sixpences are not pure silver and could therefore cause irritation to the skin.

On one side of the coin is a very regal lion stood on the crown on the other side is the profile of George V.

Available in silver, vermeil and 9ct yellow gold.

Please allow 3 weeks for 9ct yellow gold orders, silver and vermeil 7-10 day.

Please note vermeil is gold plating, it’s a temporary finish, how long it lasts can depend on skin type, how often it’s worn. 

If you are expecting it to last and look gold long term please consider instead silver or 9ct yellow gold these finishes are as they are and won’t change they will brighten and last with a regular polish.


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