Polly Fern X Becca SS2023

Polly Fern X Becca Jewellery
Becca and I are back with our latest collection of jewellery.
The collection will consist of 20 one-of-a-kind pieces.
They are small collections as each piece takes many months to create, they will also be one-of-a-kind-pieces, so once they're gone, they're gone!
Scroll down to read more about our processes.



Polly's Process
Each ceramic piece is handmade by Polly, she begins by rolling out thin sheets of clay, then cutting every shape out by hand. They are then dried between boards to keep flat and ready for the first bisque firing.

Once unloaded from the kiln decisions were made on colour palettes and designs that would work well with the various shapes. Some feature whippets, oak leaves, canaries, corals, floral arrangements and Tulips.

They are then dipped in a tin glaze and hand painted with oxides and underglazes - a very tiny and fiddly size to paint!

They will then go into the kiln for another glaze firing. Once unloaded from the final firing the colours transform and are ready for Becca to work her magic turning them into jewellery.

 Becca’s process

Becca begins by creating the silver frame for the ceramic piece, this is a fiddly part as she has to slightly sand down the ceramic piece to get it to fit nice and flat inside the frame.

She then cuts out the decorative border and presses each silver edge down firmly with a metal tool to encase the ceramic piece, but also very gently as to not damage the tile! 

They are given a good clean and polish if they are kept plain silver, or plated in a 22ct yellow gold depending on the design. Each piece of jewellery has its own special feature about it, whether that is a contrasting coloured enamel, pearl drops, or decorative silver details such as hand and bone clasps  .