Limited edition one offs and a selection of in stock items.


All items are handmade in the uk, using sterling silver and sterling silver with 22ct yellow gold plating.

If you require more individual imagery of certain items please contact me, thanks.


1-large orange enamel coin and pearl earrings.

2 -single hoop earring with rectangular plaque with bunny.

3 - pair of mismatched pink enamel and onyx earrings.

4-pair of mismatch coin charm earrings.

5-single hoop earring with hand, bone and coin set under enamel.

6-single hoop earring, silver, enamel coin and star.

7-silver necklace, with bone clasp, pink enamel with coin and pearl.

8-single enamel blue and pink heart with bone, and hare coin.

9-pair of pink enamel charm earrings with bells stars and mini coins.

10-pair of topsy turvy earrings with pink enamel.

11-pair of limited edition vintage crystal cameo earrings with enamel coin stud fitting.

12- pair of long chain blue cameo earrings with pink enamel.

 13-single hoop earring with pink and blue enamel heart.

 14-single hoop earring with a hand charm holding a bell.

15-single hoop earring with a hand charm.

16-single hoop earring with whippet charm.

17-pair of topsy Turvy star earring.

18-Single T initial earring with coin and bones 

19-Single C initial earring with coin and bones

20-single long chain blue cameo earring with pink enamel.

21-pair of limited edition wedgewood horse cameo with pink enamel and coin stud fittings.

22-Silver and pink enamel necklace with vintage onyx and pearl, 42 cm chain.

23-double pendant drop with pink enamel, star and a gold coin drop under clear enamel. 42 cm chain.

24-pair of pink and blue heart studs with pearl drops.

25-single large multi charm hoop earring. 

26-pair of hoop earrings with two unique patterned bells.












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